View Day 2024

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View Day is on 8th May 2024. Please note, the day is very different and more low key than it was in the day when we all trained as nurses.
Barts Health has just released the following information for those travelling to View Day:

  • Stalls in the Square
    The following organisations will have stalls
    – Project Search
    – Barts Guild
    – Barts Charity
    – The Voluntary Hospital
    – ELOPE
    – Barts Breast Centre
    – Barts Heritage
    – Trust Achivist
    – Maggies
    – Staff Networks
    – Elior

    Activities will include

    Barts Heritage activities include

    Activity 1: Journal entry

    Journal entry, which includes;

    – An image of themselves; they can either draw themselves, draw an image which represents what they do, or cut an image (from a magazine, newspaper) which represents them and their work at Barts.
    – How did someone help you today?
    – Three good things that happened today

    These entries could help inform the Barts Stories, and produce some reusable quotes for other engagement activity.

    If people want to keep their journal page, take a photograph of it before they take it.

    Activity 2: Visual Thinking Strategy

    Option to use Values, Identities, Actions or See, Think, Me, We VTS with Hogarth’s The Pool of Bethesda.

    We will also have the Photo Booth and Ice Cream Vans.

    Please note, the Great Hall, Museum, North Wing are all closed.