View Day 2023.

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10 May 2023 was an extra special View day. 900 years since the hospital was established by Rahere in 1123.

There were stalls in the Square and free ice cream for staff!

Barts Heritage led by Robert Treharne Jones and Will Palin gave short talks of the stairs and Great Hall. There were also a few tours of the hospital.

As is traditional the League served tea and cakes to members, this year in the Great Hall. We knew it was going to be busy, and it was! We stopped counting after 350 cups of tea had been served. We ordered extra cakes and they all disappeared too!

Some of us were lucky enough to have tickets for the St. Pauls service as well, a wonderful end to a very special day at Barts.

The League would like to thank all the nurses who made the trip to Barts and met up with old friends and colleagues and could be part of the day.

For our housebound members, tea by post was organised and we have had some wonderful heartfelt messages of thanks already.

Please check your League News for information on events later this summer. 

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