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Theological and Spiritual Course

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Thank you very much for providing the funding for me to attend a theological & spiritual course at Release Academy in Bristol. By attending this course, I have started a journey of understanding how my faith can be used to enhance my skills and abilities to serve my local community.

A particularly important piece of learning is understanding the importance of a culture of honour. I am now retired and have been doing a lot of community work through my church and NHS. My hope had been to use this training to be a lay volunteer in a hospital & hospice environment. Due to Covid19, I had to press the review button on this ambition, as this has not been possible.

So, I am now volunteering with a Christian charity ‘inHope’ who have a strong legacy of over 30 years serving some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in Bristol. At the heart of all that they do is the firm belief that every person, no matter their circumstances, can transform their lives away from homelessness, addiction, poverty, and abuse. Accepting every person who arrives at our doors, serving without condition.

When clients are ready to make positive changes, we empower and equip them to make those changes, to improve their lives for the long-term. I am part of the Life Recovery project team, which helps people recovering from addiction and abuse; teaching life skills, creating mutual support and for those that wish, nurturing people’s spirituality and faith. Thank you for your investment in me.