The wonderful gift of independence

Benevolent Stories

Rachel with scooter and Digby
I applied to the League Benevolent Fund as I am disabled and love walking my dog but was no longer able to use my old scooter to do this. This was because it did not provide sufficient support for my neck, but I wanted to get out independently! I had found the type I now needed but could not afford it as I am now not working.

The process went really smoothly. I had to email the league and Hilary Mathews replied very quickly requesting a few details to take to the League meeting. Shortly after they had their meeting I was awarded a grant to buy the scooter.

Due to the fact, there was a sale on at the shop I was also able to buy a small boot scooter to go into the shops with. This was amazing and the first time I went out with it in the woods I felt so comfortable and my dog and I could enjoy freedom once more. We were both smiling that day.

We live in the countryside and I am now able to access all terrains on my scooter. We drive across fields, go into woods and are able to access the footpaths. I am currently negotiating with the local council about 2 kissing gates that I can’t get through and they are changing those to latch gates. It is wonderful to feel so independent, spend time with my Digby and enjoy comfortably a ride through the footpaths. It reminds me of my favourite time spent in nature without the effort I used to have to do when I was mobile – there’s always an upside to being disabled!!!

Seriously thanking all of the League for the wonderful gift of my independence and Digby sends you some sloppy licks.