Mobility Scooter

The Benevolent Fund helped me, and it could help you too

Benevolent Stories

Yesterday I took delivery of a mobility scooter fully funded by the League Benevolent Fund. I am not incapacitated but I had to give up driving 6 years ago when my eyesight failed. Since March my travelling has been limited to a 25-minute walking radius from my house, as I am not using buses or accepting lifts. I felt a bit of a fraud but now that I have it, I don’t feel that at all – it is not so easy to learn and I am glad I am not even older! Also, being able to travel further in my locality I will be more able to help others who are housebound when we can all get out again! I am definitely looking to the future.

The League has been fantastic throughout; more than generous and very helpful. They not only paid for the scooter but all accessories and a year’s insurance. Jill Gillett, the Treasurer for the Benevolent Fund asked me to spread the word of the different ways the fund can help people in different situations. You do not need to be severely handicapped or poverty-stricken. It is there to enable us all to live a fuller and healthier life while we are able. So please do think about it. There are lots of items in the League News that mention the different help they give. Basically, it is for more or less anything other than ongoing support. Do talk about it with the Barts nurses you are in touch with. You might see a need that your friend is not aware of, or reluctant to ask for.

Mary (Nov 1963)