St Bartholomew the Less Appeal


League members who have visited the church of St Bartholomew the Less in recent years will have been saddened to see how dilapidated and unloved it had become. A quinquennial inspection of both Barts the Great and Barts the Less identified many areas of concern and the need for serious intervention with an overall cost in the region of £500K.

Mindful of the special place that Barts the Less holds in the hearts of many League members, the Executive Committee decided to offer members the opportunity to support the ongoing appeal and selected the altar rail as the estimated £5,000 cost was relatively modest compared with other items and as a named item, it would be something specific that members would be able to identify when they visit.

We are extremely grateful to all the members who made donations and are very happy to report that the necessary £5,000 has now been raised.

Should members still wish to donate to the continuing appeal, please visit the website