Reports of Recent Reunions

Set 100 Reunion.
Set 100 met on 13 August 2016 to celebrate 45 years since they started at Barts on 23 August 1971. The first set to undertake P.T.S. in Queen Marys'. We had a great time catching up and a wonderful lunch at Malmaison. We remembered absent friends as three members of our set have passed away and several were unable to attend on the day. Thanks must go to Dilley , Mary and their helpers who made the day so special. Also to the ladies of the Guild shop who opened especially for us. Malcolm from the guild was so very helpful, a special thanks must go to him.
The following are comments made by members of our set which encapsulate the feelings of us all.
"It was lovely to see you all again, to share all those good and horrendous times and to feel such a very special bond with a bunch of amazing women, none of whom has changed! No grandiose claims of wealth, success or pomposity one has to endure on any other social occasion......just pure love and enjoyment of being 20 years old again and the happiness of being back together !  I loved every single moment and just SO didn't want to leave!  There was simply not enough time and I'm so sorry I didn't manage to chat to you all at great length.....this comes with huge apologies to those I didn't get to speak to, I just ran out of time. "
"I know I'm going on.....and on!  But what just blew me away, both last time and this....was the fact that 45 years ago we were all such very different people, all with our own groups, flat shares and social circles, but there we all were, having endured all sorts of hardships and happiness in our lifetimes with no noticeable delineations or divisions, just a lasting friendship based on our struggles to survive the extreme moulding to become a "Barts Nurse"!  How blessed we all were and how proud I am to be a part of Set 100! " Annie
"It is amazing that so much time has passed but we pick up where we left off and I was reminded of so many things that I spent the time on the journey home reliving it." Caroline.
"Thanks to Dilly and her trusty team ,and to you all for a super afternoon- let's hope we are all still so awesome in five years!" Janet.
Two photos on the reunions section. 

30/01/2016 - Set 47 Reunion January 2016

Set 47 came together for another wonderful day on Saturday 30 January 2016. Sixteen of us came together at the Malmaison hotel to celebrate over 30 years of nursing. A fabulous time was had by all and of course the requisite photo opportunity in the square!! 
Will be putting a date in the diary for our next gathering and would love to hear from any other set members. Claire Painter

24/09/2016 - August 1969 – Set 92 – (47 years Reunion)

Photo in Set Reunion Section.
Picture taken names left to right 
Back Row: Fiona Pointer (Miller), Cathy Bruce (Appleton), Charlotte Collyer (Rawcliffe), Barbara Paine (Guy), Nina Gale (Smith) Sally Uyboco (Martin), Rita Courthold (O’Sullivan), Bids Tew(Sullivan),Trish Cummings (Berry).
Front Row: Jane Morley (Dolman), Morag ‘Mo’ Oliver (Walker), Chrissie McFarlane (Mellor), Judy Newman (James).
On Saturday 24th September 2016, 13 Bart’s Nurses gathered beside the banks of the Thames at The St George and Dragon, Wargrave for what was a very vibrant, enjoyable lunch.
It was a particularly special day for all of us and fabulous to reunite with two members of our set who arranged their UK visits to attend. Mo Oliver (Walker) travelling from Cyprus and Sally Uyboco (Martin) all the way from California. Others would have liked to have joined us but had family commitments and/or illness which kept them away this time. However we raised a toast to our absent friends.
As a set we had not really kept in touch over the years and with only a few who joined the League finding people has proved challenging. However we have now through our own contact groups and with some deft use of Ancestry (marriage records) to find married names and use of Internet  search managed to reunite via email 25 out of a known 44 who may still be around from our set.
Our latest members to be found – 2 in Perth, Western Australia and 1 in Vancouver, Canada.  After all the intervening years it’s so interesting to hear where life has led us all. You might wonder that meeting someone you haven’t seen for over 40 years might prove a challenge in both common ground and even recognition but we had no such problems and if you need to recognise someone then the answer is always; look at their eyes. (It works even on the internet!).
If anyone knows someone from set 92 then please ask them if they are in contact with other members and do direct them to make contact with us.  We have met up for the past three years each year for a lunch – next date 30th September Venue tbc! My details are in the League News magazine.
Jane Morley (Dolman) 

22/11/2019 - Set 93 50 Year Reunion.

Novemeber 16th 2019 


Set 93 year 50th reunion.


What a day November 17th 1969 was for us all as we all made our way (mostly with parents) to Piggott’s Manor, to commence what we all agree was to be a most significant part of our lives! 

‘No you can’t go upstairs, no men allowed ‘was commanded of hapless fathers endeavouring to help their daughters move in! And so it was, until we reached Queen Marys nurses home, but only months after starting and only then after seeking our parents agreementLooking back we wouldn’t have had it any other way! 



So we were all thrilled that 50 years later 34 of us were able to attend Mal Maison in Charterhouse Sq for a wonderful celebration. People had come from all over the world – USA, New Zealand and all points north and south of England and made it despite all attempts by the Rail and Tube networks to thwart the occasion! 

The noise levels were high as we enjoyed a glass of prosecco, before a delicious lunch as we all reminisced Bart’s days (much laughter) and how our careers and home lives have panned out over the years. Pru had baked a wonderful chocolate cake iced in white, in the shape of our student nurse cap! The time flew by and we all agreed that with the advent of emails (since we started) keeping in touch will be so much easier. Same time 2024?! 


Our thanks go to Pru for once again organizing such a great day. 


Hilary Mathews

00/00/0000 - November 1964 Set Reunion.

We decided it was a reason for celebration and a good excuse for another reunion, as most of our Set would be turning 70 in 2016!  Our 50th anniversary of commencing training had been two years previously, but we decided, at our age, the more reunions the better!  Despite the downpours of rain, twenty one of us braved the elements and made the trip for the annual View Day at our beloved Barts.  We were thrilled to welcome two ‘girls’ with whom we had lost touch for many years and thanks must go to two of our members who had done particularly good detective work reuniting us after almost 50 years, in one case!
Our lunch venue, The Paternoster, near St Paul’s tube station, proved very popular, providing an excellent buffet and celebration birthday cake in a private and relaxing area of the establishment.  We then walked the short distance to meet up with Crispin Walkling-Lea (Senior Clinical Commissioning Coordinator New Hospitals Programme) and his colleague Alison Cann, who escorted us on a tour of the new King George V building.  We had last seen this under construction on our visit in 2014 and, at that time, had to don hard hats!  We all agreed the transformation was amazing and heard of the progress and advancement in the fields of nursing and medical science compared to the 1960’s!  We were particularly delighted by the wonderful Atrium giving radiance to even the lower ground areas and the much used coffee/tea facility for patients and visitors alike.  The wards, of course, were not at all as we would have remembered them – the space, airiness and ease of access to individual patient beds, were something we could only have dreamt of in our day, whilst the views from the 7thfloor afforded a wonderful panorama over the City.
Finally, about a dozen of us attended the View Day service in Barts the Great, with the Masters and Clerks of the City Livery Companies and Officers of the Barts Trust and Charity, where the preacher The Rt. Reverend & Rt. Hon. Dr Richard Chartres, Bishop of London, took the church festival of Pentecost as his theme.
It was unanimously decided we should aim to have a reunion every two years and already we are looking forward to 2018!
Two photos on the photo gallery.

00/00/0000 - January 1962 Set Reunion.

The set who started on 22nd January 1962 met at Malmaison for lunch, followed by a visit to The Square and tea provided by the league.
There were 14 of us, several had lived in Malmaison during our student years, and this added to our enjoyment of the day.
It was wonderful to see a few patients still able to enjoy the square on a sunny day, of course we viewed the Atrium with awe! experienced a robot peeling an egg!! and a few of us visited the museum, and realised we were pretty much ready to be an exhibit!
There was much laughter, some sadness at memories of those no longer with us. Many tales of lives excitingly and well lived and a desire to meet up again in the future.
Those present were, (all pre marriage names) Joy Bazeley, Jane Durling, Hesper (Mary) Truman, Julia (Flo) Hart, Jill Biles, Bea Wyse, Fran Smith, Rosie Higginson, Sue Scott, Julia StJohn. Mary Gillman, Judy Doe, Judy Teasdale,Lynda Wright. We also had news of Jenny Hepburn, Jane West, Jenny Cochrane, Fran Gibson and Jenny Todd.
Joy Topping (Bazeley)

00/00/0000 - 50th Anniversary Set 89 November 1968.

On November 17th 2018, 23 members of Set 89, Nov 1968,  met in London for a Golden Anniversary Celebration/Reunion.  They were: Heather Atkinson (Williams), Helen Austin(Brueton), Belinda Barclay(Muir), Madeleine Barlow(Kuhler), Janet Davies(Lynes), Sue Davies(Palmer), Sara Fowler (Dutton), Jenny Gage(Tickner), Teresa Glendinning(Bolger), Judy Goode(Sankey), Pauline Gore(Wren), Sheila Hobkinson(Hayns), Katy Jeans(Inglesby), Catherine Miller(Barclay), Sue Moody(Robinson), Maggie Morris(Dockerill), Jean Morton(Howarth), Val Musson, Jane Park(Gratwick), Janet Rigglesworth(Dearden), Jo Rutherford(Archer), Roz Sztumpf(McEvoy),  & Sally Turnbull(Elder).  Sadly, Valerie Henson was unwell on the day. Some ladies had undertaken challenging journeys to be with us, from Cornwall, Scotland, France and Australia.
The day started with a coffee in the basement of the new atrium in KGV bloc, which some of us were seeing for the first time, and struggling to make sense of how the exterior could remain, but the interior be completely refashioned. Our beloved old medical & surgical wards would have to remain just happy memories! It was like walking into Dr.Who’s Tardis!  So open, clean and light – a truly amazing feat of architecture & engineering.
Towards noon, we walked the short distance through Smithfield to Mal Maison Hotel, in Charterhouse Square, where we spent the afternoon, in the comfort of a private room for a tasty buffet lunch, followed later in the afternoon by cake and prosecco. We toasted absent friends, including 2 of our number who we learned had sadly died since we last met 10 years ago. (Chris Bays(Hardmeier) and Ann Lanario.)
Judging by the noise levels,  I think we can call it a great success.  I do feel that we share an invisible bond, due to sharing those years of personal discipline, thorough training and hard work, something which no one else could possibly understand;  that’s quite special, and something for which we remain grateful. We also thought that the NHS has had its money’s worth, as many of us continued to work in various aspects of healthcare for many years.
Indeed, had a guided tour of the hospital still be available, we would have struggled to fit it in, as there was so much catching up to be done! A very happy day!