November 1969 SET 93 Reunion


What a day November 17th 1969 was for us all as we all made our way (mostly with parents) to Piggott’s Manor, to commence what we all agree was to be a most significant part of our lives!

“No you can’t go upstairs, no men allowed” was commanded of hapless fathers endeavouring to help their daughters move in! And so it was until we reached Queen Marys nurses home, but only months after starting and only then after seeking our parent’s agreement! Looking back we wouldn’t have had it any other way!

So we were all thrilled that 50 years later 34 of us were able to attend Mal Maison in Charterhouse Square for a wonderful celebration. People had come from all over the world – USA, New Zealand and all points north and south of England and made it despite all attempts by the Rail and Tube networks to thwart the occasion!

Nurses Cap CakeThe noise levels were high as we enjoyed a glass of prosecco, before a delicious lunch as we all reminisced Bart’s days (much laughter) and how our careers and home lives have panned out over the years. Pru had baked a wonderful chocolate cake iced in white, in the shape of our student nurse cap! The time flew by and we all agreed that with the advent of emails (since we started) keeping in touch will be so much easier. Same time 2024?!  Our thanks go to Pru for once again organizing such a great day.

Hilary Mathews