Men In Sheds to the rescue of Barts memorial bookstand

League, All News

A little while ago, the Executive Committee realised that the League’s memorial bookstand in Barts the Less Church was in urgent need of some TLC. Having tried to find someone to repair it, League President Elizabeth Wood-Dow OBE approached her local “Men in Sheds”, whose members were delighted to take on the project.

It is now at the halfway stage, and as the photographs show, one can already see the difference, as Elizabeth noticed when she visited the Shed recently to see its progress. “The Men In Sheds is rather like a nationwide version of The Repair Shop on BBC 1; there is so much expertise and craftsmanship amongst these retired gentlemen,” commented Elizabeth after her visit. You could see their eyes light up when they saw the style and quality of the work that was needed. I would like to thank them for all they have done so far.

As nurses, we are used to finding solutions, and the “Men In Sheds” will have repaired the lectern and restored it to its former glory by the beginning of March,” added Elizabeth. “The lectern will once again take pride of place during the League’s 125th year.”