Lord Mayors Show. 12 November 2022.


Barts procession’s theme is all about our joint 900th anniversary which we will be celebrating in 2023! Our hospital and church were both founded in 1123 and our key messages are about celebrating our past and also the importance of both hospital and church today.

We have almost 50 walkers in our procession and there will be both historical costumes and modern day uniform to represent our past and present. The procession will be led by a walker dressed as Prior Rahere who founded the priory and hospital. The Prior will be followed by three medieval monks.

There will be two banners – the first will be held by the monks in the second row of the procession and announces “St Bartholomew’s Hospital and Church”. The second banner will he carried by the last row and states “Celebrating 900 years”. It also displays the joint 900th logo and website address.

Following the monks there will be a row of walkers dressed in costumes of clerics from different periods in history and the hospital will be represented by walkers in traditional nursing uniforms and the current president of the Barts League of Nurses. Subsequent rows will have representatives from past and present medical staff and medical students. Members from the current church congregation and hospital follow in the subsequent rows representing the present and future of our organisations.

The start of the procession will set off from Mansion House at 11am. As entry number 76, we are approximately in the middle and it is anticipated we will be at Mansion house at about 11.35am and will arrive at the Royal Courts at midday.

The BBC cameras will be located at the start of the procession close to Mansion House and will be a good photo opportunity for us!

Return journey – at 1.10pm, the start of the procession will leave the Embankment and should arrive back at Mansion House at about 1.30pm.

It is anticipated that our entry will leave the Embankment at approximately 1.45pm and will be back at Mansion House at approximately 2.05pm.