BBC Radio 4 Today & Barts League Member

Enduring Friendships!


The League were delighted to discover that one of our members was chosen to talk about enduring friendships on the Radio 4 Today programme on 30 May 2023. Below is the lead up to the Radio 4 piece.

Tessa Timmis says :-

“I was unable to attend View Day as I was working, but  felt very fortunate to obtain a ticket for the 900 years anniversary of the foundation of Bart’s, at St Pauls Cathedral, followed by a reception at the Guildhall.  The service within the magnificent  St Pauls,  portrayed the journey of the hospital’s history and I felt a sense of reverence and awe throughout.

I was there with my friend Chris Thomas who I had talked about on radio 4. We were in set 19 (April 1986) together and our ties to the hospital had been maintained by our well attended yearly reunions as well as friendships with many others in the set. At The Guildhall there were speeches, toasts but best of all the opportunity to mingle, talk and catch up. Everyone was friendly, interesting and enthusiastically interacting as we all had history and lots more in common. How lucky we were to have trained at Bart’s.”

Tessa was linking her friendship with a tree growing in her garden.

For the next 28 days you can listen to this on BBC Sounds Radio 4 Today programme broadcast on 30/05/23 at 07:22 am. it lasts for approximately 2 minutes.