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The League is now on social media!

From October 2018 you can follow us on social media. It is now possible to follow the League of St Bartholomew's Nurses on Facebook and Twitter. It is early days as we only went 'live' on 1st October 2018 and we encourage everyone to join in. As we gather momentum events, photos and updates will appear on these social media platforms.

If you already access these social media platforms we look forward to sharing with you. We have created a closed group on Facebook. You can join by providing your start date at Barts or your set number and agreeing to the rules of the group to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

If you are not already using Facebook or Twitter, download the free Twitter or Facebook app onto your device and search for Barts League of Nurses.

For help or further information please contact: Merryl Lawrenson at webmaster@bartsleagueofnurses.org or Kate Treharne Jones at socialmedia@bartsleagueofnurses.org.

Missing Members

In February 2019 over 2000 copies of the League News were sent to the membership. To date 11 have been returned with comments such as "gone away" or "no longer at this address". Of the 11 returned, we had email addresses for 2 members who have responded with their new postal address. This leaves the 9 named below.

Please can you help? Do you know any of those listed below?




Maiden name

Date of Qual













































M E 











If you have any information please contact Ms Denise Burley (Honorary Membership Secretary) at membership@bartsleagueofnurses.org

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View Day 2020

It will probably come as no surprise to you all that we have taken the decision to postpone View Day this year.
We hope to be able to re schedule this event when we are able. Please stay safe!
For any help or concerns regarding the league contact info@bartsleagueofnurses.org

Message posted by Merryl Lawrenson on 18/03/2020


With the current advice to limit travelling unnecessarily, collection and processing of post from Barts may be delayed. Bookings for the All Day Meeting will be processed in date order once we return to normal. Other social events are already well subscribed, so please contact the relevant tour leader directly before arranging payment.

If you have any urgent enquiries, please contact info@bartsleagueofnurses.org
Please look after yourselves and your families and stay well."

Message posted by Merryl Lawrenson on 18/03/2020

Message from the Barts Nurses Remember Working Group.

Thank you to all those who have contacted us either personally or through the league website and social media. We have been delighted with the overwhelming response from League Members. Your positive comments demonstrate that you have enjoyed reading it as much as we have in developing it.

Message posted by Alison Knapp on 29/02/2020


We are currently experiencing some issues with emails. Please bear with us, but if you have not had a timely response please contact info@bartsleagueofnurses.org
Thank you .

Message posted by Merryl Lawrenson on 29/02/2020

North Yorkshire Networking Meet up April 2020. CANCELLED.

We have taken the sad decision to cancel this event at present. When we are able we will be re arranging.

We are planning a Spring trip to Whitby for our North Yorkshire network. Saturday 18 April 2020 seems to be the most suitable date in the calendar.

“I have contacted The Magpie Cafe to ask if we can reserve a table for lunch as part of our day. I have estimated numbers for lunch for the Cafe team and would be grateful if you could let me know if you would like to join us. The Magpie Cafe is well known for it's fish and chips and was visited by Rick Stein on his visit to Whitby. More information about the Cafe is here: http://www.magpiecafe.co.uk/

Hopefully, the worst of the winter will be over (we have had snow in April in this part of the world before!)

Whitby is accessible by car, bus or train and is a lovely seaside town with a famous Abbey.

Please let me know if you would like to join us and feel free to pass on this email to any of your Barts nursing friends. If they are not members of the League, they are welcome to come and perhaps they may like to join the League!”

Says Amand McGough Co ordinator. 

Thanks all and I look forward to hearing from you.


Message posted by Merryl Lawrenson on 08/02/2020



It is a legal requirement that we have your permission to contact you. To do this we need you to complete the GDPR form that was included with your league news last year. If you need help please contact info@bartsleagueofnurses.org. You can also fill it in online on our website. Without this form completed we cannot send out your copy of the League News.

Message posted by on 25/09/2019

Visit to the Crown Jewels August 2019.

A small number of the executive committee were treated to an after hours visit to the Jewel House at the Tower of London. This was arranged for us by Harry Collins Jeweler to the Queen and holder of the Royal Warrant.  We were treated to a detailed history of the jewels and the Tower. It was very interesting to hear about the protocol surrounding the design of crowns and the history of the stones themselves. It was a real treat to have the jewel house to ourselves. A big thank you to all involved in arranging the visit. 

Message posted by on 23/08/2019

North Yorkshire Network Meeting May 2019.

Great Ayton

A second out of town meeting of the North Yorkshire group of League of St. Bartholomew's Hospital nurses was took place on Saturday May 18th. This followed a successful meeting last November when we met at Betty's in Harrogate.

The attractive village of Great Ayton is known as the childhood home of James Cook, the first person to circumnavigate the world. On arrival at the Church Hall carpark we were able to follow the walk to the meeting following a path to the hall well signposted with the Bart's black and white shield on posters. Amanda greeted us with copious cups of tea and coffee and delicious cakes and scones. A group of seven nurses, two husbands and a dog gathered!

We were fortunate that it was an open weekend in Great Ayton, to celebrate the opening of the James Cook memorial garden.  We were taken on a guided tour of the village,starting at the 12th century Norman church of All Saints. We were shown the extent of the church in Cook's day and noted the boxed pews, the window for the devil to escape at baptisms and a real feel for a Jane Austen makeover. In the graveyard there was a headstone of the Cook family grave although James Cook died overseas. We called in at the village school, now a museum, were shown the Quaker school buildings, now apartments and finally called in to the garden itself.  

The pretty village, spreading around a green complete with astatue of James Cook , ( see photo) was a delight. The bubbling river runs adjacent to the main street with a row of shops includes the famous Suggitts ice cream shop, which we were told had to be sampled.

During the day, there were many stories of our experiences at the Royal and Ancient, all of us agreeing that our training had stood us in good stead throughout our nursing careers.

We look forward to a further meeting in the Autumnscheduled for York. Our thanks must also go to Amanda for organising these events

On my return home I looked at the league news and was amazed to find that the village of Menston (outskirts of Leeds), is home to four Barts-trained nurses, all living within a five minute walk of each other. I've yet to make contact!

Anne Johnson nee Verge  1972/6 set 4

Followed by a stint as a midwife in the late 1970's

Message posted by on 18/08/2019

League Brooch.

We have recently received a new batch of these brooches. They are of zinc alloy and silver plated due to the high cost of silver. They look exactly like the photo on the badges section. However we are able to sell them to League members only at a cost of £20 . Please see the badges section for more information.

Any comments or enquiries to info@bartsleagueofnurses.org

Message posted by info@bartsleagueofnurses.org on 16/08/2019

Nurse training certificate

I'm required to submit to a new employer a certificate of my SRN training in Barts from Sept 78 leading to entry to general registration with NMC. Does anyone know how I can obtain a copy as my original got lost in house move.

Message posted by Hazel Ellis (nee Forster) on 19/09/2018

Royal Albert Hall 29 August 2018.

Today 31 league members and friends met at the Albert Hall for a guided tour followed by tea and cake. We split into two groups and had a very interesting tour including watching a few minutes of a rehersal for tonights Proms. Everyone enjoyed themselves on the tour,  as well as catching up with old friends. Thanks go to the committee members who organised the trip. 

Message posted by merryl lawrenson on 29/08/2018

Set 4 1978

Dear all Set 4'ers...

40 years on Tuesday was the day we all started. I remember the first 6 weeks in PTS and then doing my first ward in Hackney, quite and eye opening for a 18 yr old.
Has anyone got any photos or memories of that time. It seems a lifetime ago but I am still working in the NHS!

Message posted by Hilary Todd on 07/07/2018

View Day Second Wednesday in May

View day

View day has always played a very important part in the life of the League of St Bartholomew’s Nurses.

Many of us when staff nurses remember going very early in the morning to the old Covent Garden Market to buy flowers to decorate the ward and also preparing afternoon tea for the many visitors to the wards. The Square looking its best welcomed back former staff and the families of current staff. There were decorated stalls, morning-suited housemen with buttonholes in their firm’s colour, and smartly dressed ladies wearing hats.

View Day has changed over the years but returning League members are keen to continue the tradition. In 1978 for the first time tea was provided by the League in the Consulting Suite of the Outpatients Block. The venue then transferred tothe Isla Stewart Library enabling League members to gather, exchange news and renew friendships.

In recent years we have met in the Peggy Turner Room with sets having their reunions joining us. Members greet other members who were once their ward sisters or tutors during their training recalling detailed memories of their experience!This year over 40 of us enjoyed the opportunity to meet up and celebrate our time at Barts. We look forward to celebrating 120 years since the League’s formation at ViewDay 2019.

Sue Legg August 1963 set.

Message posted by on 05/07/2018

Celebrationof 70 years of the NHS at a service in St. Bartholomews the Less.

On Sunday 10th June, a special and memorable service was held in the Parish Church of St Bartholomew the Less, to celebrate 70 years of the NHS.

The service was led by the new Rector of the Priory Church of Great St Bartholomew, Fr Marcus Walker.

The service highlighted the history of the hospital church of St Bartholomew the Less - founded in 1123, which has  served the local population for 900 years through plague, fire, civil war and the blitz, and the community having found free respite from sickness of body or soul within its walls.

Marcus Walker linked the two paintings by Hogarth on the walls of the staircase up to the Great Hall to the pieces related in scripture of the Miracle of Christ healing the man at the Pool of Bethesda and the parable of the Good Samaritan.  The lessons were read by Sir Marcus Setchell and Alison Knapp – both of whom trained at Barts and have worked within the NHS for 40/50 years!

We were privileged to welcome the newly appointed Bishop of London – Sarah Mullally – who is also a nurse. Her sermon highlighted the dire circumstances of the population prior to the formation of the NHS, reminding us that they did not dare to call a doctor to help them as they were worried about the bill that would follow! She highlighted that there were huge challenges to the formation of the NHS, it was not universally popular.   She noted the determination and vision of all those involved.

Sarah Mullally also reminded us that the parable of the Good Samaritan asked us all ‘who is our neighbour?’ She added that this question was never more relevant than today, and it was a question we should all be asking ourselves. 

The music added to this special service and was provided by the choir of St Bartholomew the Great under the Director Rupert Gough, and the organist was Jonathan Eyre. 

The service sheet had a message from the Prime Minister Theresa May, reminding us    that ‘ the founding principles of the NHS remain as important today as they were in 70 years ago, free at the point of use with care based on clinical need and not the ability to pay’.

The congregation was joined by senior colleagues from St Bartholomew’s Hospital – Dr Edward Rowland, Medical Director, Louise Crosby – Director of Nursing and Ian Haig, Development Director St Bartholomew’s Hospital Heritage.

The service was broadcast live on BBC Radio 4 at 8 am – and will have reached many of those who trained or worked at Barts over the years.

Alison Knapp

Message posted by on 21/06/2018


Really good to see the website. It looks really good and a great way to keep in touch with Bart's friends

Message posted by Elisabeth Eades on 17/06/2018

Data update

Thank you for whoever took the time and trouble to send out the requirement to update data in such a wonderful way. I had no idea how detailed the league of nurses website is these days. I’ll be visiting again.

Message posted by Jane Mason on 13/06/2018

Wimbledon Outing

Thank you Pru - brilliant outing. Sorry I can't make the Albert Hall (sang there twice with the Bart's choir) but my sister is arriving from Canada that day.

Message posted by Lee Rankin on 05/04/2018

Rituals and Myths in Nursing

Hello I am writing a book on the Rituals and Myths in Nursing. It is a light hearted account of the custom and practice of nursing: the traditions passed down through generations of nurses. Rooted in historical accuracy and weaving in stories and reminiscences from nurses of all eras, the book will have a number of themes. For example, hygiene, uniform and badges, drugs, wound care and pressure care. I would love to hear your stories of those rituals - not only how you learnt to nurse but also the idiosyncratic nature of 'because sister says' not to mention 'that's how the consultant likes it done'.

I trained at Bart's 1980 -1983 Set 16. My mother was also a Bart's nurse (Maureen Kilbey) and it would be great to hear from anyone who trained with her.

Message posted by Claire Laurent on 16/07/2017

Rosemary Nevile

A former collegue and Barts nurse is unable to contact Rosemary who lives in the Lincoln area and has since married. They worked at Barts together around 1981. If anyone can put her in touch with the Barts website to re establish contact we would be grateful. Thank you

Message posted by Merryl Lawrenson on 28/04/2017

Trying to locate my mums friend

My Mum Frances Scowcroft (at Barts around 1962, married name Barraud, deceased 1992) was friends with Magaret Roberts (married name Moore) and Prue Murphy. I have lost Mags contact details and would dearly like to be in contact. I know Prue and Mags were friends, if anyone knows Prue or Mags, please could you contact me?

Many thanks

Message posted by Lucy Barraud on 23/12/2016

Set 21 May 1981

I would love to hear from any of set 21 from 1981, and share fond memories of our training with Miss Pollard and Miss Fairhurst.

Message posted by Geraldine de Lacy on 26/10/2016

Set 3 May 1978

In reply to Sarah Hobb's post
Lovely to find you on here Sarah.
Yes please, I would be interested in a reunion.
How do I get in touch with you?
Laurie x

Message posted by Laurian Cotes (née Heyworth) on 27/08/2016

The League News

Dear Committee Members,

I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy reading the annual St Bartholomew Nurses League News and wish that I lived closer to attend the reunions and get togethers. Unfortunately due to my health I’m unable to travel to the UK from Australia where I have lived since 1964. Prior to moving to Australia I worked at Great Ormonde Street Children’s Hospital in the early 1960’s. I married an Australian in 1965 and continued nursing for a few years at the Children's Hospital in Sydney before starting my own family. When my 4 children were at school, I worked part time in a diverse range of nursing roles up until the late 1980’s which I enjoyed very much.

I have very fond memories of my Nursing days at Bart’s in the late 1950’s which provided me with invaluable foundations throughout my nursing career. My memories of these days were absolutely wonderful and I can relate to many of the stories I have read in the League News from other members too.

These days I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren, gardening and getting out as much as possible.

Thank you once again for continuing to post me the Barts News each year and I feel very honoured to be one of the Leagues Life Members.

Kindest regards,

Jean Ward (Wright)
Set: Oct. 1959

Message posted by Jean Ward on 10/05/2016

Theatre Pink

My mother, Diana Almond (nee Glock) qualified as a nurse at Barts in 1953. She talked about meeting my father (Dr Francis Almond) whilst working as a 'theatre pink'. I have not been able to find out very much about exactly what a 'theatre pink' was or is and am dry interested if anyone is able to provide me with a bit more information. I am also very interested in hearing from anyone who might remember my mother, who sadly passed away in 1998, or my father who died last year.
My email address is janetaalmond@mac.com

With many thanks,
Janet Almond

Under the " History" section of the website there is a drop down heading where all the uniforms worn in the 1970's are described with a photograph.

Message posted by Janet Almond on 21/04/2016

St Bartholomew's Hospital Archives and Museum

St Bartholomew’s Hospital Archives and Museum holds the historic records of the hospital itself, including records of nursing and nurse training at the hospital, as well as records of groups such as the League. They also accept some personal papers, photographs and other artefacts. Although they are unable to take in every donation offered, for reasons of space or duplication, they are always interested in acquiring new material, particularly related to the history of nursing and nurse training at the hospital from the 1960s onwards. If you have material which you think may be of interest to the archives or museum, please contact them at barts.archives@bartshealth.nhs.uk. You can find out more about the collections, as well as a link to the online catalogue for the collections, here.

Message posted by on 21/03/2016

Book about nursing in the 1960's

There are just a few copies left of "Of Sluices and Sisters: Anecdotes of Student Nurses at a London Teaching Hospital" Compiled by Alison Collin. It follows the training of the August 1965 set from the first day at PTS to the end of their belting year. A donation to the Bodley Scott ward is made for each copy sold. It is available from any independent bookseller or from Amazon at Bart's Book Info: I saw that you have joined this Bart's group, and thought that you might enjoy reading my book "Of Sluices and Sisters: Anecdotes of Student Nurses at a London Teaching Hospital". It covers the training of one set at the end of the '60's and is full of Bart's stories, both funny and poignant. You can check it out on Amazon (link below) if interested. I make a donation to the Bart's Cancer Centre for every book sold.


Message posted by Alison Collin on 10/12/2015

Pupil Nurse Set 1984-86

Denise telford nee Shorter has sent in 2 pictures which can be viewed in the Photo Gallery, People page.

Message posted by Thalia Blundell on 26/10/2015

The Nursing Memorial Appeal

The appeal was inspired by the memory of the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD), but actually embraces all nurses who gave their lives in both World Wars.  Despite their role being highly valued and appreciated by the troops, nurses have received little political and public recognition for their wartime work.  So in June 2011, a Nurses War Memorial Committee was established.

During the First and Second World Wars at least 1,500 nurses gave their lives in service of their country.  Their sacrifice has never been fully recognised.  You can help to put that right by supporting the Nursing memorial Appeal.  The Appeal aims to raise in excess of £150,000 for educational purposes and a permanent memorial to all nurses who died in the two World Wars.  £85,000 will enable the creation and maintenance of the memorial and the rest will be used to advance the education of nurses by providing a scholarship to enable them to study particular aspects of conflict and humanitarian aid and nursing.  The memorial will be erected at  the National Memorial Arboretum.

For further information go to the Appeal website at http://www.nursingmemorialappeal.org.uk.

Message posted by Thalia Blundell on 26/10/2015

Information for a New Probationer 1954

On The Hospital page of the Photo Gallery are 6 pages of notes written by Sister Harvey as information for a new nurse coming to her ward in 1954.

Message posted by Thalia Blundell on 26/10/2015

set 21 1976

Thanks so much for responding, Rosalind. Do you mean 4th from the left in the middle row?

Message posted by WENDY HALSTED on 12/10/2015

Set 21 1976

Liz Harris (now Townsend) is in the green cardigan in the 2006 reunion picture.

Message posted by Rosalind Lydiate (nee Baker) on 06/10/2015

set 21, 1976

Anyone know the whereabouts of Liz Harris (Probably now married and changed name?)from set 21 who started in 1976 (is that Liz in the 2006 reunion photos wearing a stripey blazer?)

Message posted by Wendy Halsted on 29/09/2015

Looking for Jane Holmes qualified summer 1989

I lost touch with my good friend about 18 years ago and would love to catch up with her. Last known working for occupational health at Unilever

Message posted by Elaine Kimber on 23/07/2015

Set 3 May 1978

Fran Pollard, Ann Harman, Jenny Treganza, Sue Thorne, Diane Tresadau, Janet Lemon, Gill Self, Lyn Shepard, Lorraine Merriman, Alison Baker, Kate Potter, Laurie heyworth, Sarah Hobbs Mary Quinn, Maria Neveille, Joy Potter, Coky Hanegraff, Cherry Salkind, Lucy Templeton, Wendy Smith, Charlotte Campion, Penny Maybe, lorraine Davies, denise Fiore, Katherine Birkett, Vicki Box, Teresa Dovaston, Margaret Jones, Katy Husk, Catherine Cook, Lucy Collings-Wells, Deby Harvery, Carolyn Hurcombe (RIP).
We were SET 3 May 1978 ......................GIRLS or now are we ladies??? Shall we reunite? Where are we? what are we up to

Message posted by Sarah Connor (nee Hobbs) on 26/06/2015

set october 1988

Hi, everyone, just trying to track down any nurses who I trained with . We were the first to move from the old Hackney Hospital nurses home to Charterhouse Square. I remember Martha Jordan, Isabelle Shaw, Trudie, Trisha, Rachel, Laura Webb to name a few. Be great to hear from anyone.

Message posted by debbie Davie (Towers) on 25/01/2015

Looking for Liz Kidman November 65 set.

A friend of mine from the QARANC, Pauline Novak, is looking for an old friend Liz Kidman Set November 1965 .
if anyone is in contact with Liz could you let me know and i will pass the message onto Pauline.

Many thanks

Merrill Bate (nee Doresa) Set 17 November 1975

Message posted by Merrill Bate (nee Doresa) on 23/11/2014

Melanie Hawes - Looking for memories of sister Harmsworth

I was searching was my Great Aunt - Auntie Elsie to me but to Barts I believe she was Miss Hall or Sister Harmsworth who you mention in the post down the side of the discussion board. I think she started at Barts in 1929 and was sent to Hill End Hospital during the war. I would love to hear any memories you have of her as she died before I was able to truly appreciate the work she did - the work all of you did and do. I believe my (not really but always called) Auntie Pat who would have been Miss Haworth or Sister Bolby (Bolbey?) around the same time. Thank you in advance. ajguerincollard@hotmail.co.uk

Message posted by Allie Guerin-Collard on 06/08/2014

The photograph of the sister and a nurse from 1950 on the title page

This is a great picture of my wonderful late mother-in-law Sister Lily Annie (Lillian) Fraser. How lovely to see this here, especially as her grand-daughter is going to be studying at Barts.

Message posted by Catherine Anderson on 09/06/2014