The black and white shield has been the badge of St Bartholomew's Hospital for more than 500 years. It was the Coat of Arms used by John Wakering, who was the Master of the Hospital from 1423 to 1462. Although this Coat of Arms was not granted to John Wakering or his family by the College of Arms, it became associated with the Hospital (probably because he was Master for so long) and continued to be used after his death. The shield appears as the Arms of the Hospital in a 16th Century roll in the College of Arms and, though never formally granted to the Hospital, continued use since the early 15th century presumably established the right to display them.

Pictures of all the badges and brooches can be seen in the photo gallery.

Presidents Badge

At the Annual General Meeting in 1978 Miss Winifred Hector , President, reported in her remarks as follows,” Finally, let me tell you about this plaque I am wearing. The Executive Committee from time to time gets given buckles of old Bart’s nurses and one of these belonged to E.M.Edwards, 1896. It was so elegantly made that I decided to have it joined up and silvered, and to give it to the League for the use of the President on occasions like this. I hope you approve”.

League Badge

The League was founded in 1899 as that of St Bartholomew's Nurses, without the word Hospital, but this was inserted in the late 1920s and withdrawn in 1986.

The badge consists of a black and white shield surrounded by a circular silver rim on which is engraved 'League of St Bartholomew's Nurses'. It would appear that from 1939 the word Hospital was included. This badge was first given in 1900 to League members who were trainees of the Hospital. The qualifications for League membership and eligibility for a League Badge were success in the final State examination and the award of the Hospital certificate following completion of their four year training. Exceptional circumstances, such as marriage within 6 weeks of leaving during the 4th year, resulted in a three year certificate with eligibility for a badge. League members signed to say that they would return the badge if the person ceased to be a member.

From October 1967 nurses who completed their four year training were awarded a Training School Badge instead. The League Badge ceased being obtainable after this date except for those nurses who were State Registered and only awarded a three year certificate. This stopped in 1975. Nobody can have both a League and a Training School Badge. No non-Barts trained League member can have a League Badge.

If you have lost your League Badge please write to:

The Honorary Assistant Secretary
The League of St Bartholomew's Nurses
The Post Room
St Bartholomew's Hospital

with details of the loss, enclosing a cheque for £25.00 payable to League of St Bartholomew's Nurses, for a reconditioned League Badge.

St Bartholomew's Hospital Training School Badges

The Wakering Shield surrounded by a circular round blue rim on which is written 'St Bartholomew's Hospital School of Nursing' was first presented by the Board of Governors in October 1967 to those who had successfully completed their four year training. Subsequently badges were presented by the Chief Nursing Officer within 6 weeks of completion of training.

Around 1975 the badge was awarded at the end of the three year training.

In 1978 the Hackney Hospital and St Bartholomew's Schools of Nursing were amalgamated. The badge then had the word Hospital removed to read 'St Bartholomew's School of Nursing'. This badge was awarded at the end of the three year training.

In April 1989 the School changed its name to St Bartholomew's College of Nursing and Midwifery and November of that year saw the first set of nurses receiving its badge.

1998 saw the first presentation of the City University, St Bartholomew School of Nursing and Midwifery Badge.( This badge is now unavailable.)

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If you have lost your Training School Badge please email for details of how to replace it.

Enrolled Nurse Badge (no longer available)

The Enrolled Nurse Badge consisted of the black and white shield surrounded by an oval green rim on which is written 'The Royal Hospital of St Bartholomew State Enrolled Nurse'. It was awarded to those nurses who successfully completed the two year training programme between 1971 and 1976. The first badges were awarded in July 1973.

For a photo of this badge please click on the Photos tab at the top of the page.

League Brooch.

In 2007 the Executive Committee commissioned a League Brooch that can be worn by all League members, regardless of when or where they trained. The design is based on a brooch made for the Bart's Eight Hundredth Centennial Celebrations. The bar is in matt silver with the Bart's black and white crest in enamel. 'League of St Bartholomew's Nurses' is inscribed on the back of the bar.

August 2019. We have just received a new batch of these brooches. Due to the high cost of silver we have decided to commission a zinc alloy silver plated version this time. They look exactly like the silver version but we can sell these for £20. These are now available to buy. Please complete the order form below. 

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