Planting Barts League Rose

All Day Meeting and A.G.M. 9 October 2021.


The St Bartholomew’s League of Nurses held their Annual All Day Meeting on Saturday 9th October 2021 in the Great Hall.  After a fascinating talk by Ray Martin Secretary of the Rose Society UK entitled Sex & Surgery in the rose bed – the birth of the Barts Nurse Rose, League members officially planted one of the roses, alongside two Barts Nurse roses that are already established.

The League had originally hoped for an ‘official planting’ on View Day 2020, but Covid put paid to that idea. Instead, they chose their annual get-together and asked members in their late 80’s together with some much younger members to do the honours, watched on by over 90 other members who attended the day. Everyone was pleased to know that thanks to the generosity of Skanska there will soon be a plaque telling all who use the Square the name of the rose!

The meeting in the Great Hall and the church service were recorded and will be available to view in the next few days.

** We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen technical difficulties, it has not been possible to provide a recording of the 2021 ADM.

We apologise for this and hope that you will understand.

A full report will be in the 2022 League News. **