Afternoon Teas 2023.


To celebrate the 900th anniversary of the founding of St Bartholomew’s Hospital the League is hosting a series of tea parties between View Day – Wednesday 8th May 2023 and Saturday 8th July 2023.

So far there are events in the following areas, but please keep checking the website as more events get added.

Wednesday 14 June 2023Bedfordshire​Sue Metcalf & Jacqui Fletcher
Saturday 1 July 2023Berkshire Gill Charlesworth
Thursday 25 May 2023Cornwall [Truro]Kathryn Sturley
Wednesday 24 May 2023Derbs/Lincs/Notts/South YorksAli Harvey & Chris Brown
Thursday 18 May 2023Essex (Bishop Stortford)Eileen Griffiths
Tuesday 23 May 2023Kent [Faversham]Merryl Lawrenson, Colette Marshal & Alex Broadey
Tuesday 6 June 2023Oxfordshire, HenleyKate Treharne Jones & Denise Burley
Thursday 18 May 2023Somerset & Bristol AreaElizabeth Eddy & Rachel Rowe
Sunday 4 June 2023Surrey, SheppertonElizabeth Wood-Dow & Miriam Weller
Saturday 3 June 2023West London – Syon ParkElaine Fletcher

If you would like to attend an event, please email and you will be put in direct contact with the organiser of an event near you.

If you would like to host an event, in the UK or overseas, that would be most welcome.  Please email and we will contact you with more details about how to do so.

Please note all events are self-funded – the organiser will let you know how much the event will cost and how to pay.

We will also be asking everyone who attends an event to record a very short piece to camera – so we can make a montage of League members for this website to commemorate Barts 900

If you know a League member who would love to have tea but is unable to attend an event, please contact Hilary – and we will try to get an afternoon tea sent to them [UK mainland only]

Thank you,

Merryl Lawrenson

Website Manager.