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If you wish to have something included, please send it to

The Honorary Editor, League News
The League of St Bartholomew's Nurses
The Post Room
St Bartholomew's Hospital

or email the Editor at editor@bartsleagueofnurses.org

Please do contact the Secretary of the appropriate committee if you or anyone you know would appreciate such assistance. Confidentiality is always maintained for those receiving assistance from the Benevolent Funds. For further information click on the Charitable Funds tab at the top of the page.

Trustees for The Charities in Association with The League of St. Bartholomew's Nurses (Registered charity number 275165).
These charities comprise the Benevolent Fund and the Scholarship Funds.
Elizabeth Wood-Dow.                             League President
Rosemary Campbell                               League Treasurer General Funds
Nicola Marks                                           League General Secretary
Jill Gillett                                                  Hon. Treasurer Benevolent Fund
Hilary Mathews                                        Hon. Secretary Benevolent Fund
Alex Hayward                                          Hon. Treasurer Scholarship Funds
Diana Sherlaw                                         Hon. Secretary Scholarship Funds (Chair)
External adviser to the trustees - Dame Nancy Hallett
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