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Experiences of three of our current committee members.


Bite size experiences from the Scholarship Committee

  1. Dickon Weir Hughes (March 1987)

Nursing at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital is, without question, the most significant and influential part of my clinical career as a Registered Nurse. I still have fond memories of my interview for my first Staff Nurse post with Mrs. Elaine Law, then Head of Nursing for Neurosciences, in the 1980’s, as a very positive and affirming experience but I never imagined that I’d be sitting on the Scholarship Committee with Mrs Law 35+ years later. It’s wonderful and a real privilege to contribute alongside people for whom I have the utmost respect as incredible nurse leaders. 


Joining the Scholarship Committee has been a great honour and a great pleasure. I’m a relatively new member but the meetings are extremely well organised, productive and fun! The meeting dates are set months in advance so planning is easy. If you’re thinking about giving something back to the hospital you love I would urge you to apply to join a committee. 


  1. Elaine Law (May 1974)

Do you have time and an interest in serving on our League of Nurses Committees?  The League is going from strength to strength.  Every month we are able to welcome new members of all ages.  As a committee member I play an active role in shaping the League of the present and the future.  There are opportunities to join the League Executive Committee, the Scholarship Fund Committee and the Benevolent Fund Committee.  As an Honorary Vice President, I am part of a group of very motivated League members who all play an active role in discussion, decision making, policy development and review.  When you are well established there are opportunities to join a sub-group or take on a specific task or role and once experienced you may like to take on a specific honorary officer role, e.g. Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Secretary.  It is a privilege to become a committee member and I always experience support and camaraderie.


  1. Amanda McGough (December 1989)

I volunteered to help with the League as Barts and my nurse training have been an important part of my life. I loved my time at Barts and I am still in contact with our set, who are scattered all over the UK and world.

I’ve been a grateful recipient of Scholarship awards over the years, and this has been pivotal in the development of my nursing and wider career. I wanted to ‘put something back’ into the League and I took on a smaller, regional co-ordinator’s role for North Yorkshire. I organised 2 regional afternoon teas and it was lovely to meet other members, share stories of Barts and our training, chat about what members are doing now, both in work and retirement.  I enjoy my League role as Membership Secretary as it brings me into contact with members all over the world and there’s a real feeling of belonging to a very special group.

I have been amazed at the number of Barts nurses in my local area and there’s an instant connection through the hospital and the League. My nursing colleagues are disappointed that their training hospital or University doesn’t have a League and are curious about ours. We have access to Scholarship and Benevolent funding, are able to attend the ADM each year and access to some memorable trips and events. I love receiving the League News and as soon as it’s delivered, the kettle goes on!

My friends and I stood in the Great Hall at one All Day Meeting and decided to put our names forward to help. We said to each other ‘if we don’t step forward, who will?’. I would encourage anyone to do the same and you can choose how you want to help as there are lots of different roles within the League.

Being part of the League is special and I think we have to play our part in ensuring that it continues, for as long as it can.


If you are interested in joining one of our friendly committees or are able to help us in any way please email :-