Teresa Newcombe Now Mobile!

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I have a neurological problem which has affected me badly in recent months to the point where I have only been able to walk around 100 yards with crutches. The medication and treatment have also caused numerous other health issues. I was concerned about my husband pushing me around in a manual wheelchair as he has chest pain on exertion.

A friend very kindly gave me her deceased husband’s mobility scooter but the battery was not charging and it did not warrant the cost to replace it for such an old chair. However, I had discovered just how much it meant to me to be able to get out in the fresh air.

By chance the League Facebook page popped up saying they could assist with the purchase of a mobility scooter. I applied for a contribution and was totally overwhelmed to have not only the scooter but all the recommended accessories and warranty paid for too. The process was very easy to complete.

I’m now the proud owner of a bright purple scooter that will fold up and fit in our car. I have my freedom back and have been able to enjoy days out with our grandchildren again. I have also been able to get to the local shops and visit my elderly mum without having to rely on my husband to take me. I’m looking forward to the better weather knowing that my lack of mobility is not going to stop me getting out! Thank you to the League Benevolent Fund.

Teresa Newcombe Set 8 March 79-April 82