Isla Stewart, Matron 1887-1910

"There is something about St Bartholomew's Hospital, something it may be in its age, its history or its associations - which creates towards it and, in its strength, a unique feeling among its members."

Isla Stewart, Matron 1887-1910

President of the League of St. Bartholomew's Nurses

Welcome Message from the President

I would like to welcome visitors to our website. Many of you will be members of the League of St Bartholomew's Nurses, others will have trained at Barts and others will be just curious!

As the new President of the League I am completely indebted to Alison Knapp, who has provided such excellent leadership over the past seven years. Becoming President of the League is both exciting and daunting but I am looking forward to the challenge and I promise to do my very best to uphold and further the aims of the League. I need your support to do this so please contact me if you would like to join any of the committees or have suggestions for furthering the aims of the League.

There are more than 2,500 League members all over the world and we keep in touch through the all-day meeting, held on the first Saturday in October, and the annual publication of the League News. This website also plays a key part and we hope you will find it useful and interesting. Please contact us via email at

Maggie Nicol