Isla Stewart, Matron 1887-1910

"There is something about St Bartholomew's Hospital, something it may be in its age, its history or its associations - which creates towards it and, in its strength, a unique feeling among its members."

Isla Stewart, Matron 1887-1910

President of the League of St. Bartholomew's Nurses

Welcome Message from the President

Welcome to the League of St Bartholomew’s Nurses website. The League was founded in 1899 and has continued to go from strength to strength and we will celebrate our 120th anniversary in 2019. We have some exciting plans to mark the occasion. There are currently more than 2000 members all over the world. We keep in touch through the annual publication of the League News and the All Day Meeting, which is held each year on the second Saturday in October.

Members are the heart of the League and I hope to be able to see an increase in our numbers during my term of office. If you are not already a member or know a Barts nurse who is not a member please see the Membership section for details and an application form.

One of the key aims of the League is to provide support to members so please let us know if you, or any of your Barts friends, would benefit from some support from the League. This might be financial support for equipment, a short break for convalescence following an operation, or simply a bouquet of flowers to bring cheer to someone going through a difficult time. We can also provide financial assistance to members who are undertaking further study or attending conferences. Please see the Funds section for more information.

The League also organises several social events for members (see the Events section or your League News). I hope to be able to attend some of these events during my term of office and look forward to meeting many of you at one of these functions or the October All Day meeting. Information about the day and a booking form can be found in the League News.

This website plays a key part in communicating with members so I hope you will visit it regularly. For enquiries, comments or suggestions please contact us via email at or by post to the address shown in the About us section.

Elizabeth Wood-Dow OBE